Optimized Industrial Networks for HD Surveillance


HD Image Quality Becoming a Necessity for
IP Surveillance

HD IP video provides excellent surveillance visibility to ensure public security, but present substantial challenges for network designers and integrators to achieve a network that is capable of real-time efficiency, packet-loss prevention, and QoS prioritization. Management of HD video traffic on the network is crucial – especially for safety-critical applications such as oil and gas, transportation, and mining – in providing uninterrupted video viewing/recording and preventing network congestion.

High Bandwidth Infrastructure
for Industrial HD Video Convergence

To meet the demanding requirements of highly-dynamic HD video networks, Moxa’s highly-reliable Gigabit and 10-Gigabit industrial Ethernet solutions ensure optimized bandwidth utilization to deliver real-time video for HD surveillance systems, even in harsh operating environments. Moxa’s industrial IP video solutions can also be integrated for intelligent SCADA monitoring and factory automation applications.



Optimizing Industrial Networks for HD IP Surveillance: A In-Depth Case Study

Moxa 2013 Optimized Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Moxa 2013 IP Surveillance Brochure




Optimal Bandwidth Performance

  • Moxa offers the one-stop source for high-bandwidth industrial Ethernet deployments that require real-time wired and wireless delivery of converged data, voice, and HD video transmission.

    • Gigabit and 10-Gigabit uplinks for HD video streaming
    • 3.5G HSPA for mobile streaming (up to 5.7 Mbps upstream)
    • 802.11n for wireless streaming (up to 300 Mbps)
    • Secure routers (up to 500 Mbps throughput)
    • High power PoE+ switches (up to 36 W per port)
    • High-speed layer 3 switching for efficient VLAN routing
    • IGMP snooping optimizes multicast traffic for efficient IP video distribution


Moxa's millisecond-level wired and wireless resilience and roaming

Availability and Reliability

  • Moxa’s highly-reliable solutions ensure faster data rates and millisecond-level resilience to achieve highly-available HD video streaming with maximum system uptime.

    • Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain redundancy for FE recovery < 20 ms, GE recovery under 50 ms @250 switches
    • Access controller Turbo Roaming with sub-50 ms handovers
    • Concurrent 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-radio redundancy for zero packet loss
    • -40 to 75°C wide temperature operation
    • Compliant with industry standards


Cost Effective Scalability

  • HD video networks can be expanded with an unlimited number of redundant sub-rings using Moxa’s managed switches with Turbo Chain technology.

    • Infinite redundant sub-ring expansions
    • Live-node expansions without network interruption
    • Significantly reduces cabling costs and Ethernet ports


Efficient Deployment and Management

  • User-friendly utilities to quickly configure networks and highly-intuitive software interface to easily manage large and complex infrastructures without the need for extensive training.

    • MXview smart visualization software simplifies industrial network management
    • MXconfig mass-configuration utility for fast network deployments
    • SoftNVR OPC-based video management for easy cross-system integration


Intelligent HD IP Surveillance

  • Moxa’s industry-compliant surveillance solutions offer advanced image processing, dynamic bandwidth utilization, and intelligent video analytics to deliver HD image quality under extreme weather conditions.

    • A complete portfolio extreme HD IP cameras
    • -40 to 75°C operating temperature without fans/heaters
    • H.264 compression and HD image quality
    • DNR (digital noise reduction) and WDR (wide dynamic range) ensure best image quality, even in poor lighting conditions
    • DynaStream for bandwidth optimization
    • Intelligent video analytics (IVA) for event triggering and video pop-up alerts
    • Simple integration with SCADA and network management systems
    • ONVIF for systems interoperability


Professional industrial Networking Services (PiNS)

  • Moxa's PiNS consultation team helps industrial customers with network infrastructure design, deployment, and management. Contact us to learn how PiNS can help you manage and optimize your network for intelligent HD video surveillance.

    • Bandwidth estimation for HD surveillance and other subsystems
    • Optimized network topology and architecture
    • Mass IP device installation and management
    • Training and technical support for reliable network operations
    • Contact us to find out how we can help you meet your network requirements


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