Say Goodbye to Trial and Error with Intelligent RS-485

RS-485 Dragging You Down?
It's Time to Say Goodbye to Trial and Error!

It's no secret that deploying and configuring RS-485 field devices can be tediously frustrating. The RS-485 serial communications standard allows more devices to be connected to the same data line, and supports peer-to-peer communication at distances up to 4000 feet at 9600 bps (1200 meters); however, it requires manually adjusting pull-high/low resistors and terminator resistors through trial and error. Besides going through many different configuration settings until you find the right one, you also need to painstakingly eliminate countless possible causes when troubleshooting your RS-485 networks. Instead of relying on trial and error, wouldn't it be great if you could configure and troubleshoot your RS-485 devices in just one step?



One-Step Installation and Configuration

In the past, manually adjusting pull-high/low resistors and terminator resistors through trial and error made configuring RS-485 devices especially challenging when (1) connecting over 10 devices, (2) deploying over long distance, or (3) replacing connected devices. Frustration aside, manual configuration by trial and error also led to costly deployment delays. Now, engineers can say good-bye to trial and error by using Moxa's patented intelligent RS-485 technology to automatically adjust possible configuration combinations on terminator and pull-high/low resistors in just one step.

Intelligent Analysis

Instantly Organize Likely Causes into 4

Troubleshooting mission-critical RS-485 networks traditionally require dispatching technical support engineers to the field site to eliminate all possible causes of a problem with an oscilloscope. Again, the traditional trial and error approach is not only time-consuming, but also generates unnecessary costs. But now, new intelligent RS-485 technologies can instantly organize all likely causes into 4 simple categories organized into 4 categories to take the trouble out of troubleshooting.


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