Smart IO

Creating a Smart World for a Smarter Future

The “smart world” we live in—made possible by the ever-present Internet and millions of local area networks—enables the type of global communication that people of yesteryear could only dream of. Not only can people communicate with people, engineers also have ready access to devices, and with the right kind of products, devices can communicate with each other to take automation networks to the next level of intelligence.

We live in an age where we can capture more data, more quickly, about more things, than ever before. Information about buildings, roads, vehicles, and processes, such as the temperature, location, and condition of a single item in a global supply chain, can be made readily available. In fact, with seemingly everything in the world on its way to being cataloged, identified, tracked, and interconnected via the Internet, these “things” can be searched, controlled, and accessed over the web—by computer, smart phone, and other devices.

Industry is always on the lookout for smarter solutions to integrate with existing systems to help them effectively process and organize data so that decisions can be based on facts rather than intuition. This is where Moxa comes in. Moxa’s solutions create smarter, more complete industrial automation networks by offering products and software that treat the system as a whole.

Moxa is Leading the Way

As a world-class leader and trusted partner in industrial-grade networking solutions for automation, Moxa provides quality products and value-added service to establish win-win business relationships based on mutual trust and integrity. Moxa’s smart world solutions are centered on creating smarter, more complete industrial automation networks—from the control center to field sites.

Moxa realized early on that the key to creating a smart world lies in field site, data acquisition devices, which serve as an important connection between sensors and control computers for a wide variety of applications. Moxa’s data acquisition devices are equipped with the latest technology, and are designed to world-class standards for capacity, reliability, and flexibility. Moxa’s devices help enterprises work smarter by using a more efficient and cost-saving method of receiving and processing data, leaving control center engineers with more time to perform important data analyses, and determine the best way to optimize system performance.

Moxa’s smart data acquisition solutions include redundant features, hazardous location certifications, and a rugged design to keep automation systems running continuously. Moxa’s devices can be used with applications that run in extreme environments, including factory automation, transportation automation, utility automation, building automation, and surveillance automation.

Time-dependent control is an important factor for smarter factory automation. For systems integrators around the world, Moxa’s remote I/O and “push” technology has been the key to creating a successful operation.
Smarter transportation systems aim to offer communication and transportation platforms that are safe, convenient, comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.
Smarter utility management delivers services that are now essential to modern society, and for this reason it is critical that Moxa's I/O products are absolutely reliable and easy to maintain.
Using Moxa's I/O technology with sensors and electronic devices in buildings provides a wide range of intelligent features for smarter building management.
Surveillance applications are safety-critical, and Moxa’s remote I/O solutions provide the industrial reliability and smart interoperability needed to meet the mission-critical requirements of industrial applications.